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Torchwood Erotica

All hot sex all the time and no car seats

This journal contains content only suitable for those over the age of 18.

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Name:Torchwood Erotica
Location:California, United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Torchwood Erotica - All hot sex all the time and no car seats!

Torchwood Erotica is a inclusive community dedicated to adult Torchwood fiction.

Some Definitions
Adult Fiction: Fiction that would be rated as NC-17 or X under the MPAA standards or Fan-Rated Mature. This includes heterosexual, homosexual, kink or vanilla stories.
Inclusive: All relationships are allowed. We don't promote one pairing, trio or group over another. Yes, the moderators are die-hard Jack/Ianto shippers, but we have a good understanding of how the back button works on a browser and are more than willing to use it.

What are you allowed to post?
In-character Fiction. Any length from a drabble to an epic. Multiple chapter stories are allowed; however, we prefer to not have "open-ended" works in progress, ie. a story that is posted as chapter 1/?.

Any pairing, trio or group. If you want to write a Torchwood team orgy story, go for it. We’ll be happy to read it. We will allow original characters as long as the canon characters remain in character. For a good example of this, see [personal profile] kahtyasofia’s Martina Series here.

Kink or Vanilla. As long as it’s sex, post away. We will have tags for the many variations of kink.

What aren’t you allowed to post?
Unedited fiction. While we don’t require stories to be beta read prior to posting, we do ask that you self edit the story to the best of your ability. Spell check, grammar check, and format check it before posting to the community. The occasional error is fine, but fiction that is error-riddled with dialogue quotation marks forgotten or massive formatting issues will be deleted.

Real Person Fiction is not allowed in this community! I have placed this in bold type to be certain that it is noticed, read and understood. There are other communities out there for such works; this is not one of them.

Preferred Posting Header

There are several standard headers used in posting fiction to communities, all contain common elements, so if you are cross posting to several communities at one time, go ahead and use your usual header. However, for this community, we've modified the header to fit our community's focus. So, for consistency's sake, we'd prefer you use the following header when posting directly to the community.

Copy-paste the following into the HTML editor:

It will give you the following output:

Author:[profile] yourusernamehere
Word Count:

If you have any questions about what is or isn't allowed in the community, please contact the moderators: [personal profile] kahtyasofia.

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